Computer and Laptop Repair

Computer and Laptop Repair across Hertfordshire and Middlesex

We specialise in fixing computers and laptops with all sorts of problems, from broken keyboards and mice to slow performance issues and virus removal. At Oaklands Computer Services we want to provide the best service we possibly can, so whether your computer keeps blue screening or you’ve just got a dud hard drive we’ll make sure that everything is working at its best before we give it back to you. Additionally, if there’s any chance the repairs may affect your data, we’ll make sure to back it up before we start giving you complete peace of mind.

Computer and Laptop Repair

Computer Upgrades

When you bought your computer all those years ago it was incredible, it did exactly what you wanted it to do. However, over the years general wear and tear occurs and computers slow down. That doesn't have to be the end though, Oaklands Computer Services offer a wide range of upgrades that can revitalize your computer or laptop and get it working smoothly once more. Whether it’s a new hard drive, more RAM or a better graphics card we can help.

Data Recovery

We all know that we need to take regular backups of our data just in case something goes wrong but in the real world that's not always possible. If you have a hard drive or storage device fail on you it can be a worrying time, but Oaklands Computer Services can help. We are equipped with multiple workstations geared for data recovery, so we can retrieve your important files from devices that have failed. We can recover data from Hard Drives, USB sticks, Memory cards and even Floppy disks.

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