Data Recovery

Corrupted Flash Drive or Hardrive? At Oaklands we can recover the data off these devices with a high success rate. We back it up onto our own system and fix your device or will supply you with a new one that we will install with the data you desire.


Bring in your Hardrives that you need recovering and we can get the data off them. We can then supply you with the replacement drive that you require so that it can be an easy swap for the original. If you have a new PC we can back your data and simply implement your original data onto your new machine with ease. We back it up too our server to make sure that nothing can go wrong then transfer it to your new PC.

USB and Flash Drives

We have all had a broken USB in our lifetime, at Oaklands we can get that data off the stick that you may have thought was lost. We can supply a replacement USB stick of varying sizes, we simply access the data pins and get the data from it. Not all USBs can be saved but so far we have a high success rate, and aim to keep it that way.

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