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At Oaklands we realise how useful a tablet can be. Its ease to carry and move about can be just what you want. We have selected this particular model as we believe it to be of high quality without breaking the bank at the same time. For those who enjoy the use of a tablet, simply carry it around like one and detach the keyboard. However we know how painful it can be to type on one of these so the keyboard is a great feature that can be used to dock onto and type away with ease.

Other great features we have sought to find; include a long battery life, of which it is expected to be approximately 10 hours which can suit all your day’s needs. Along with a good size memory which puts this above other competitors as it can function well as laptop as well.

Come in and have a look at what we have to offer and hopefully we can satisfy the needs that you desire.

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Typical Specs Of Our Tablet PCs
Attribute Details
Brand ASUS
Dimensions 305mm * 200m * 26mm
Colour Black/Silver
Screen Size 11.6" LED Touchscreen
Hardrive Size 32GB SSD + 500GB HDD
Processor Type Intel Quad-Core
Processor Speed 1.59Ghz
This can vary and is subject to stock