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October 2017

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Our New Machine - Lenovo

Recently we have changed from Zoostorm to Lenovo all-in-Pcs. Here is a quick guide to what we will be offering to you. The specification can be edited and tailored to what you need. These are usually all set up and ready to use when you get home, if brought through us. So there is no hassle what so ever when you get your PC home!

The specifications are:

Processor: Intel i3
Memory: 8.00 GB
Hard Drive: 2 TB
Screen: 23"

As mentioned above if you want these changing and editing we can offer a range of customisation to suit your specific needs. Some of the specifications cannot be edited but overall we are here to offer as versatile machine as possible with minimal frustration.

These machines will come with all the security programs you require, so no need to worry about the security of your new machine!

See below for whats in stock!

Contracts with Oaklands

Have you ever had a problem that needs fixing and your not sure what to do. With an Oaklands contract you are entitled to Remote Support which enables us to log and solve your problems in a flash. This option is far quicker than bringing your computer into us, if we can solve your issue remotely we will. Then you can carry on your day as normal!

Another perk of being a Oaklands Contract Customer is cheaper parts in our workshop along with being boosted up this queue if there is a large queue. We will endeavor to support you if you have a contract with us. We also offer call outs to those with contracts, as some solutions need to take place in your workplace and we will come to you to help solve it.

Anyone can take these out with us if it be Home, Home Business or on a Corporate level. These are designed to benefit you the customer with our great support and versatile support options.

The Importance of a Back-up Drive

As part of our service we are now insisting that all clients have a backup installed that will enable their machine to be rebuilt as when last used if it suffers from any of the following the following:

Hard- drive failure. Ramsomware attack, Flood, Fire and theft. As well as general data loss as a result of error.

As a special incentive a 25% discount will be applied to any bill resulting from this work.

This is as well as our Online solution of secure data storage.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us. We will endeavour to solve your problems and get you sorted.
Have a great day, and never hesitate to ask us any questions big or small.

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