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New PCs

We currently have some new all in one PCs available. These are top-of-the-range designs and are extremely practical for everyday use. As they are so compact and can have minimal wires, they will take up less room and floor space than a typical PC. If you decide to purchase one from our store, we can set it up to your specific requirements along with transferring your data from your original PC to your new one. These Zoostorm PCs will have specifications around the i5 2.9 GHz processor along with 8Gb of ram, all depending on the stock we have present. These specifications will be ideal for any simple or intense tasks you require for your day to day life.

Classic Start Menu

Are you tired of the new overly complicated windows start menu? Did you prefer it when it was simpler and easy to navigate? At Oaklands we can revert it back to the old simple style that you had gotten used too. Simply bring it in or we can do a call in with you to get it all set up and sorted. Give us a call and we will be able to aid with whatever problem you have it with it, and then decide on the best plan of action.

Current Scams and Threats to be aware of!

Reputable Company Call

One of the most current threats to you is getting a call from a well known company, claiming to be who they say they are. Their aim is to get hold of your PC by remotely logging in and taking control. These company's will claim that you have something wrong with your PC, such as a virus or other typical threat. Hang up immediately, if they truly needed something to be changed it would have been done through a global update. So far the average person has lost £210 to these fake companies. Anyone is at risk who has a computer connected to the internet. Feel free to contact us if you have any worries or questions about this scam.

ISP Scam

Beware of pop-ups, a common turn of phrase these days. However it really must be advised that some pop-ups will send you to a completely different location that you desire. With these type of ads you don't even have to click on them for them to infect your PC with malware. They get your IP and figure out your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and pose as them, telling you that there is an issue with your set-up. They will give you a number to call, the 'cold-caller' will want you to visit a site and enter a code for remote access, don't do this! Run a program malwarebytes to remove any unwanted malware and ignore pop-ups that look suspicious. If you are still unsure we can offer clean-ups for your PC and check that everything is ok.

Please see our updated website and new Facebook page for any questions you may have. And that's all for now. So from all of us at Oaklands, stay safe, and remember to get in touch for all your computer needs.

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